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Dessert Novella Podcast 

Listen to Camille St. Charles Mississippi's Dessert Novella Podcast where words, thoughts and deeds come together for a delicious romance. You are invited to step inside and dine on something naughty and sweet. Click the Listen Now button above.



I Ain't Got No Business


I Ain't Got No Business is the third offering from the nine-part fiction The R Series featuring the sexy Roxanne Beaumont-Sagar. It opens with the heroine coming off a hot and sex-filled weekend with her new lover, Mr. Akheem Fulwad! She loves the fact that her new lover will move heaven and earth to make her smile, but a crazy misunderstanding between her and Akheem renders her silent to him, and a doctor steps out of the shadows to join in the sexual gravitational pull. Roxanne blows a fuse when she suspects someone at her lucrative Lexus dealership is attempting to steal information from her. She knows that it is strange how she is treated carelessly, by the people who claim to love her. She is fiercely juggling an assortment of love interests, at battle to win back her dealership and the heart of one special gentlemen caller .


Here Ye! Here Ye!!


Get ready to embark on a magical journey filled with enchantment and aroma! Introducing "Coffee Fairy Tales" — a captivating collection of love stories that blend the rich flavors of coffee with the timeless allure of fairy tales.

Coffee Fairy Tales 

Set to awaken your senses and ignite your imagination, each tale within this delightful novel promises to transport you to realms where coffee comes to life and where your imagination intertwines with the comforting embrace of a warm cup.

From whimsical adventures brewing in quaint cafes to love stories draped in the essence of coffee beans, "Coffee Fairy Tales" invites you to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary, all over a steaming cup of your favorite brew.

Four out of 5-stars!

Sylvia Hubbard, Amazon  Vince Voice

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