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Occasionally your mind may entertain funny naughty thoughts when you are dining on a slice of something deliciously mouthwatering! Camille St. Charles Mississippi invites you to pick up a silver spoon and dive into one of her tasty dessert novellas.

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Dessert Novella Suites 


You do not have to wonder if these tales will offer you any nutritional value because they simply are for exotic entertainment. These stories are solely for your mind to dine on. Settle down and step into sexual fantasies whose namesakes are a world class dessert, that lends itself to love and some of her sensual trappings. Once you enjoy these tantalizing tales, you can take a trip to your kitchen and create a visual reminder of your colorful reading experience with recipes created by the accomplished Chef James (Jaime) Gonzalez. Oh, and Bon appétit...



If you have read offerings one and two, then you know Roxanne Beaumont-Sagar's life is like walking in the jungle, all while carrying God, angels, family, the dealership, a sick friend, and multiple lovers. 

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I Ain't Got No Business


I Ain't Got No Business is the third offering from the nine-part fiction The R  Series. It opens up with the heroine coming off of a hot and sex-filled weekend with her new lover, Mr. Akheem Fulwad! She loves the fact that her new lover will move heaven and earth to make her smile, but a crazy misunderstanding between her and Akheem renders her silent to him, and a doctor steps out of the shadows and wishes to join in the sexual gravitational pull. Roxanne blows a fuse when she suspects someone at her lucrative Lexus dealership is attempting to steal information from her. She's fiercely at battle to win back her dealership and the heart of one special gentlemen caller. Strap yourselves in for this high-powered ride with Roxanne and her unforeseeable adventure juggling an assortment of love interests.

An Uninvited Conversation


An Uninvited Conversation: There is a certain type of peace in knowing that if anyone should become an alcoholic by now, Roxanne would be that person. She should be entertaining all types of debauchery, careless behavior and loss of inhibitions because her life is like a bad game of charades. She has been picked apart and derailed by the death of her grandmother. Daydreaming of someone to rescue her and her troubled existence, but the truth of the matter is she might have to wave the white flag of surrender in order to save her own life. It's getting to the point of her desiring clarity and like they say, clarity is a mother----! Sit back and enjoy the show because everything that you could hope to discover inside of this repenting tale is here. Watch a life in shambles spin out control as most of her good and noble intentions are trampled upon by vicious family members
Bring Your Boots!


Take a lingering peek of sheer terror, love, and lust from a soulful story of a woman who cannot seem to escape her own life’s shenanigans… Roxanne Beaumont-Sagar has no trouble viewing herself as a subtle whore, because it takes all kinds of women to know their place inside of their own lives. It took her several tries to stand up after being a part of a failing marriage. Although Roxanne can willingly admit that her life is full of naughty misadventures, like her exhibitionist of a lover who happens to be the deacon of her church, she is a magnet for over thirty different characters that work for her at her thriving auto dealership at the south side of town. But after she is done with begging and paying for the love that she so richly deserves, she lets out her enticing smile, gorgeous body, and her boots to set her own independent soul free. Lushly enamored with fascinating characters and an intriguing plot, you are in for one unforgettable blissful entertainment as you plunge deep into the world of Roxanne in The R Series… Rated R for Roxanne (Bring Your Boots!).

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