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 Camille St. Charles Mississippi walked away from California and a profession that she loved which in turn laid the foundation for tons of chaos in her books. At first the newness of her life in Detroit, Michigan sort of kept her off balance. After a longstanding career in the beauty industry, she looked up and found herself being a substitute teacher and making tons of other missteps.


As she tried to find her place in a new city, writing sort of crash-landed into her life. Writing allowed her to showcase meaningful parts of her imagination. Her funny little thoughts about writing her stories would fascinate her. Meanwhile, The City of Detroit welcomed Camille and helped her to thrive in a new arena telling stories in her naughty novels. Camille continued to tell herself this naughty and ever-changing story and created Roxanne. As the character Roxanne evolved in her spirit, she gave Roxanne some of her real-life flaws, to help seal the deal and to make her believable. 


Camille is known to possess a challenging sense of humor, with a demented outlook. As a sexy storyteller, she enjoys creating the escapades and the quest of allowing herself, and the reader to have their passports stamped as they embark upon  the world of Roxanne. Camille is the tour guide and guardian of  The R Series, a nine-part saga, featuring Roxanne. 

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